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  in Uige Angola  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier  Internal Gearing Swing Bearing Flanged Ball Turntable Bearing Single Row Ball Slew Ring Bearing manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

There is a technological center of province amount, EPG academician operating station, experiment station for EPG submit physicians, and nationwide 863 system established up in EPG group. With these platforms and sturdy specialized capacity, the much more than 400 specialists have produced all selection of particular large specific and higher toughness products, conducted mildew programs for crucial elements in the vehicle and national industry revitalizing system, ensuing more than 5000 created above, between which 33 items are autonomous patent technological innovation with 4 patent authorized . The product properly displays environmental safety and vitality preserving. Our company pays certain consideration to customers’ wants, listening to the distinct needs of each buyer and guaranteeing total gratification. Make sure you see details for slewing ring bearing swing bearing turntable bearing:

flanged slewing ring bearing
untoothed exterior toothed inside toothed
ninety-twenty 571/-07002 91-20 571/one-5712 92-twenty 571/one-07202
ninety-20 571/-07012 ninety one-twenty 571/one-5712 92-twenty 571/one-571
ninety-20 0541/-07571 91-20 0541/1-07122 ninety two-20 0541/one-07222
ninety-twenty 0641/-571 91-20 0641/1-07132 ninety two-twenty 0641/one-571
90-twenty 0741/-07042 91-20 0741/one-5712 ninety two-20 0741/1-5712
90-twenty 0841/-571 ninety one-20 0841/1-07152 92-twenty 0841/1-07252
ninety-20 0941/-07062 ninety one-20 0941/one-5712 ninety two-twenty 0941/one-07262
ninety-twenty 1091/-07072 ninety one-20 1091/1-07172 ninety two-20 1091/1-07272
ninety-20 571/-07003 ninety one-twenty 571/1-5713 92-twenty 571/one-07203
90-twenty 571/-07013 ninety one-twenty 571/one-5713 92-20 571/one-07213
90-twenty 0541/-5711 91-twenty 0541/one-07123 92-20 0541/1-07223
ninety-twenty 0641/-07033 91-twenty 0641/one-07133 ninety two-20 0641/1-07233
90-twenty 0741/-07043 ninety one-twenty 0741/1-5713 92-20 0741/1-5713
90-20 0841/-07053 ninety one-twenty 0841/one-07153 92-20 0841/1-07253
90-twenty 0941/-07063 91-twenty 0941/one-5713 92-20 0941/one-07263
90-twenty 1091/-571 91-20 1091/1-07173 92-twenty 1091/1-07273
ninety-32 0955/-06015 ninety one-32 0955/1-06115 ninety two-32 0955/1-06215
ninety-32 1055/-06571 91-32 1055/one-06125 ninety two-32 1055/one-06225
90-32 1155/-06035 ninety one-32 1155/one-06135 ninety two-32 1155/1-06235
90-32 1255/-06045 91-32 1255/1-06145 92-32 1255/one-06245
ninety-32 1355/-06055 91-32 1355/1-06155 ninety two-32 1355/1-06255
ninety-32 1455/-06065 ninety one-32 1455/1-06165 ninety two-32 1455/1-06265

one row ball slewing ring bearing
untoothed exterior toothed internal toothed
ten-16 5710/-08000 11-16 5710/one-5710
ten-16 5710/-08571 11-sixteen 5710/1-08110
ten-sixteen 0300/-08571 eleven-sixteen 0300/one-5710
ten-sixteen 0400/-08030 eleven-16 0400/one-5710
10-16 0500/-08040 11-sixteen 0500/1-5710
ten-sixteen 5710/-571 eleven-sixteen 5710/1-5713
ten-16 5710/-08013 eleven-16 5710/one-08113
ten-16 0300/-08571 eleven-16 0300/1-5713
10-sixteen 0400/-08033 11-sixteen 0400/1-5713
10-sixteen 0500/-08043 11-16 0500/one-5713
ten-20 571/-57102 eleven-twenty 571/1-57102 12-20 571/one-57102
ten-20 571/-57112 eleven-20 571/one-57112 twelve-20 571/1-57112
ten-20 0541/-57122 11-20 0541/1-01222 12-twenty 0541/1-57122
ten-20 0641/-57132 eleven-20 0641/1-57132 twelve-20 0641/one-57132
10-20 0741/-57142 11-twenty 0741/1-57142 12-20 0741/1-57142
10-20 0841/-57152 11-20 0841/1-57152 twelve-twenty 0841/1-57152
ten-20 0941/-57162 eleven-20 0941/one-57162 12-twenty 0941/1-57162
ten-twenty 1091/-57172 eleven-20 1091/1-57172 12-20 1091/1-57172
ten-twenty 571/-57103 11-20 571/one-57103 12-20 571/1-57103
10-twenty 571/-57113 11-twenty 571/one-57113 12-20 571/one-57113
10-20 0541/-57171 eleven-twenty 0541/1-01223 12-20 0541/one-57123
ten-20 0641/-57133 eleven-twenty 0641/1-57133 twelve-twenty 0641/one-57133
10-20 0741/-57143 11-20 0741/one-57143 12-20 0741/1-57143
10-twenty 0841/-57153 eleven-twenty 0841/1-57153 twelve-twenty 0841/1-57153
10-20 0941/-57163 eleven-20 0941/1-57163 12-twenty 0941/1-57163
10-twenty 1091/-57173 11-20 1091/one-57173 twelve-twenty 1091/1-57173
ten-25 0455/-5711 eleven-25 0455/one-5710 12-twenty five 0455/1-5710
ten-twenty five 571/-5711 eleven-twenty five 571/one-04120 12-twenty five 571/1-04220
ten-25 0655/-04030 eleven-25 0655/one-5710 twelve-twenty five 0655/one-04230
ten-twenty five 571/-04040 11-25 571/one-5710 twelve-twenty five 571/1-04240
10-25 571/-5711 11-twenty five 571/one-5710 twelve-twenty five 571/one-03210
10-twenty five 0955/-5711 11-twenty five 0955/1-5710 twelve-twenty five 0955/1-03220
10-twenty five 1055/-03030 11-25 1055/1-5710 twelve-twenty five 1055/one-03230
10-25 1155/-03040 eleven-twenty five 1155/1-5710 12-twenty five 1155/one-03240
ten-25 1255/-03050 eleven-25 1255/one-5710 twelve-twenty five 1255/one-03250
ten-25 1355/-03060 11-25 1355/1-03160 twelve-25 1355/one-03260
10-25 1455/-03070 11-twenty five 1455/one-03170 twelve-25 1455/1-03270
ten-12 0120/-03659 eleven-50 1900/2-06400 twelve-50 1800/two-06500
ten-sixteen 0179/-06672 11-50 2130/2-06410 twelve-fifty 2000/two-06510
10-20 5712/-5711 11-50 2355/two-06420 12-fifty 2240/two-06520
10-12 5712/-57110 11-fifty 2645/2-06430 12-fifty 2490/2-06530
10-20 0260/-57148 11-sixteen 0188/2-01707 twelve-fifty 2800/2-06540
10-22 0308/-05710 11-16 5715/1-01933 twelve-16 5718/1-00306
ten-16 0325/-03997 eleven-25 0309/1-03312 twelve-16 0344/2-01873
10-25 571/-00181 11-25 571/1-05677 12-16 0420/one-00728
10-twenty five 0380/-03908 eleven-22 0635/two-03924 twelve-22 0782/2-01218
10-22 0404/-04475 eleven-32 0675/2-5711 12-22 0850/two-01501
10-32 571/-03498 11-25 0693/two-04976 twelve-twenty five 08892/two-04951
ten-32 0550/-05642 11-twenty five 571/one-04864 twelve-32 1128/2-04945
10-32 571/-05823 eleven-32 0823/two-02613 12-22 1131/2-01601
10-32 0675/-05584 eleven-32 0957/2-05549 twelve-32 1159/2-01512
ten-32 0680/-00928 41-twenty 0969/two-5712 12-32 1384/2-5719
ten-32 0780/-00367 forty one-32 1160/2-0571 twelve-32 1400/two-04953
11-forty 1298/two-00767 12-32 1582/two-04505
eleven-32 1600/1-57100
eleven-twenty five 1845/1-5715

triple row roller slewing ring bearing
exterior toothed inside toothed
31-20 1250/2-06700 32-twenty 1250/2-06750
31-20 1400/two-06710 32-twenty 1400/2-06760
31-twenty 1600/2-06720 32-20 1600/two-06770
31-20 1800/two-06730 32-20 1800/two-06780
31-twenty 2000/2-06740 32-twenty 2000/two-06790
31-twenty five 1800/2-06800 32-25 1800/two-06850
31-twenty five 2000/two-06810 32-25 2000/2-06860
31-25 2240/2-06820 32-twenty five 2240/two-06870
31-twenty five 2500/two-06830 32-25 2500/2-06880
31-25 2800/two-06840 32-twenty five 2800/2-06890
31-32 2240/2-5710 32-32 2240/two-5710
31-32 2500/2-5710 32-32 2500/two-5710
31-32 2800/two-5710 32-32 2800/2-07380
31-32 3150/two-5710 32-32 3150/2-5710
31-32 3550/two-5710 32-32 3550/2-07400
31-32 4000/2-07350 32-32 4000/two-07410
31-40 2800/two-571 32-40 2800/two-07470
31-forty 3150/2-07430 32-forty 3150/two-571
31-forty 3550/two-07440 32-40 3550/two-07490
31-forty 4000/two-07450 32-40 4000/two-5710
31-forty 4500/2-07460 32-forty 4500/2-5710
31-fifty 3150/2-5710 32-50 3150/2-5710
31-50 3550/2-5710 32-50 3550/2-5710
31-50 4000/two-5710 32-fifty 4000/two-5710
31-50 4500/two-5710 32-fifty 4500/two-5710
31-50 4750/two-5715 32-fifty 4750/two-5715

double row aXiHu (West Lake) ball slewing ring bearing ball roller blend slewing ring
external toothed internal toothed external toothed
81-40 2240/two-5710 82-40 2199/2-07625 51-32 3550/two-06900
81-forty 2619/two-5715 82-40 2622/two-07630 51-32 3750/2-06905
81-forty 2795/two-07610 82-forty 2950/two-07635 fifty one-32 4000/two-06910
eighty one-forty 2915/two-07615 eighty two-40 3300/2-07640 fifty one-32 4250/2-06915
eighty one-forty 3150/2-571 eighty two-fifty 2559/2-06970 fifty one-40 4250/2-06920
eighty one-50 2987/2-06940 82-50 3040/2-06975 fifty one-forty 4500/2-06925
81-50 3167/2-06945 eighty two-50 3520/2-06980 fifty one-40 4750/two-06930
eighty one-50 3347/two-06950 eighty two-50 3839/two-06985 51-40 4900/2-06935
81-50 3567/2-06955
eighty one-fifty 3747/two-06960
eighty one-fifty 4140/2-06965

If you need far more information, please really feel cost-free to get in touch with us for designing and making, Attn: Susan Yang

1. Why choose EPT slewing bearings
Who we are?
We (HangEPT EPTyang EPT large-duty and large bearing production CO., LTD) are a expert
bearing manufacturer in the entire world, estabEPTd in 2000, EPTizing in slewing bearings, slewing EPTs
and EPT bearings, with style, production, income, advertising and marketing and service from OD200mm to 8000mm.
For eighteen many years encounters, our bearings have flied to more than fifty countries.

Our specialized staff:
We have sixty staff, with 6 knowledgeable engineers and specialist technicists.
All our bearings are made by CAD-applications, created in accordance to customers’ EPT needs.
Our technical staff can also confirm safety amp dependability based on the load case and the toughness of raceway
as well as EPT and bolt connections.

Outfitted with EPT production equipments and examination devices, all bearings are of uniform marking
and EPT with outstanding good quality, realistic rates and ideal solutions.

We have been certificated by ISO9001:2008, and we are also aligned to international quality stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rds
from software consulting and engineering to productions, exams, documentations and dispatch.
We will prepare extra check stories if consumers want.

2. Structure of EPT slewing bearings
Principal Sorts:
Single row ball slewing ring bearings
EPT row ball slewing ring bearings
Crossed roller slewing ring bearing
A few row cylindrical roller slewing bearings
BALL amp ROLLER mixed slewing bearings
Flanged slewing ring bearing
Gear Sort:
EPT bearings with exterior EPT
EPT bearings with interior EPT
Slew bearings with no EPT
Flange type:
EPT bearings with exterior flange and inside EPT
Slew rings with inside flange and exterior EPT
Slew bearings with exterior and inner flange

three. About EPT bearings Rewards: introduction:we are a manufacturer of slewing bearing because 1993, our manufacturing unit occupies a region of 30000square meters with four workshop and one workplace constructing.
three.two Showcased items: slewing bearing and slewing EPT
3.3 Capital: Present is one million RMB, but we are growing the cash to ten million RMB
three.four Staff: 60
three.5 Certificate: ISO9001:2008, certification, CCS certification
All EPT slew rings can betested by the third social gathering inspection firm if buyer needs, this sort of as BV, CCS, SGS, LR, Abdominal muscles and so on. All swing bearings inspection reports will be provided to buyers, incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. uncooked material certificate, warmth therapy certificate, UT ampPT and so on.
three.6 Once-a-year Exportation: eight million USD
three.7 Warranty Period: All EPT slewing ring bearings have a guarantee period of time of 18 months, for some EPT working situation, guarantee period can be lengthened to 3-4 years.
three.eight Manufacturing Time: All EPT slewing ring bearings can be usually sent timely, common generation time is 15-fifty daEPTbased on different slew bearings diameters, occasionally slew rings will be in stock.
3.9 EPT Manage
All EPT slewing ring bearings are forged rings with materials steel 50Mn or 42CrMo, slewing rings are EPTd by CNC lathe, slew bearings raceway are quenched through medium-frequency hardening with hardness 55-60HRC, turntable bearings are drilled holes by CNC drilling EPT, slew EPTs are EPTd by hobbing EPT with EPT quenched if essential, swing bearings then are grinded by grinding EPT with greater precision.

4. EPT EPT EPT EPT Fundamental EPT
EPT surface area is lined with the anti-rust oil first and then wrapped with the plastic film
And then packed with kraft paper and expert belts
At last, with wood box entirely at the outer EPT to invoid the rust or the moist
We can rely on the consumers desire to be packed

four.two EPT slewing ring bearings can be packed by different ways.
If bearing diameter is considerably less than 2300mm, slewing rings will be normally packed by sq. plywood circumstance.
If bearing diameter is more than 2300mm, slewing rings can be packed by square plywood circumstance, spherical plywood situation, or metal tripod. Each deal way can be entirely kept products securely.

five. EPT EPT EPT Transportation:
EPT bearings can be supplied various shipping and delivery phrases, this sort of as EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU and so on.
Also, slewing rings can be transported by various transportation techniques, by specific (this kind of as DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX and so on), by air, by sea, by EPT, by railway and so on.

  in Uige Angola  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier  Internal Gearing Swing Bearing Flanged Ball Turntable Bearing Single Row Ball Slew Ring Bearing manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Uige Angola  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier  Internal Gearing Swing Bearing Flanged Ball Turntable Bearing Single Row Ball Slew Ring Bearing manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

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